Monday, November 19, 2012

Statement of Purpose(s)

   I grew up in the Midwest. In Green Bay, Wisconsin to be more specific. I graduated high school in a class of 80.  I insisted on moving to a city, so I moved to Milwaukee and pursued a fine arts degree. Four years later, fellow Milwaukee residents continue to surprise me with their sense of style, and this has inspired me to interpret and adapt trends and style in a new, more personal way.

   My mission is to spread this inspiration to those who might not have approached style from this angle before. To provide a perspective so that others can view style as a means of personal expression, as opposed to a peer pressure filled chore. 

     I know that others will be inspired when they are able to celebrate daily ideas for outfits and beauty guides from all over the world, from a paragraph of home made split end remedies to a page long analysis of the latest trends and how to wear them. Coming from the perspective of a 22-year old painter yogi from the midwest with a fiery passion for anything wearable-I know there are more of you out there!

  ---The name Blood Orange comes from the symbolic interpretation I developed while studying painting. When they were in season, I would go to the Whole Foods on North Ave and buy a whole bag of them and keep them in my studio as a snack. The thing that always excited me about them is that they have the same appearance as any other orange-a completely basic fruit, but when you peel them they are the most incredible color, and they taste amazing too.---


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