Friday, November 23, 2012

Playing Favorites

     Everyone has their favorite things, we have ten! Here are ten basics to keep in your closet rotation. Keeping things like this around provides versatility and longevity, while enabling the wearer to express their own personal style on a daily basis.

           Denim: It goes without saying that this is one of the more important-but think about how color and cut can interact with your boots and flats this time of year.

         Statement Jewelry- I chose a large stone necklace-in a color that goes with everything without being too boring (Anthropologie). Danielle chose her Fossil watch- the large face of the watch is both eye-catching and versatile.

The scarf- Scarves with any sort of pattern are always a must. Whether it's a chunky cable knit or your mother's paisley piece from the late 70's, they will never be out of style.

Edgy Boots- The right pair of boots changes everything. When shopping for these, pay close attention to detail and color- make sure they have enough attitude. 

Ballet Flats- The essential run-around shoe. I bought these Sam Edelman leopard flats last month and never looked back. 

Layers- Having enough to play around with is important- look for easy to wear pieces at places like Target, and if you're feeling splurgey, Lululemon makes my all-time favorite tanks (not just for yoga!). 

A great hat- The top is a super-soft knit from Lululemon last year, the bottom is the Free People Clipperton Fedora

Tall Socks! Need I say more? These not only keep you warm, they are effortlessly cute.

Sweaters! Danielle is wearing my favorite sweater from Anthropologie, but you could always go for something more flowing and basic like the two in the background. 

   The Bag- I feel a handbag post coming along! Danielle is holding hers and a selection of my favorites below. I FIRMLY believe that you will find the best handbags when you aren't looking. This one to the left was my mother's, the monogram and the satchel style makes it stand out in all of its vintage glory.

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving, we had such a fun time shooting these images for this list, and we are excited to do more like this one!

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  1. T-shirts may rot, but never throw away a good accessory. :)